Financial Solutions Designed To Meet Your Business Needs

Instant Overdraft

Collateral free OD limit upto 15 lakhs
in your account

  • Instant Sanction
  • Without Financials
  • Pay Interest only on amount utilised

Insta Renewal

Pre-approved Renewal of Existing Secured Working capital limits

  • Instant hassle free Renewal
  • Minimal Paperwork

GST Business Loan

Quick OD limit up to 2 Crore basis your
GST returns

  • No Financials required
  • Instant Sanction upto 50 lakhs

Select OD

Purpose Based OD for your GST/ Tax
payment upto 15 lakhs

  • Exclusive for GST/Tax payment
    through ICICI bank
  • Minimal Documentation

Insta Secured Overdraft

Pre-Qualified OD limit upto 1 Crore for
existing Current account customers

  • No Financials required
  • Collateral based loans